OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) refers to the phenomenon when several organic thin films are placed between an anode and a cathode, under a positive bias voltage, a bright light is emitted from the anode side or cathode side  via a process of carriers´ injection, transfer and recombination.  

OLED's advantages

OLED has many superior performance advantages over LCD: light weight, wide viewing angle, ultra thin panel and module, quick response time, self light emitting, energy efficient, flexible display, competitive cost-effectiveness, operational under high and low temperature and harsh environment.


l    Simple structure and  low power consumption.


l    Fast response time and  vivid images playing  without delay.


l   Wide perspective angle, and no color. distortion in side view.


l   Active luminous, without back light, high, contrast, thinner and brighter colour


l   Superior performance under high and cold temperature and special circumstances.